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Build Your Own Blend!

Customize a CBD product to fit your needs!!

The BYOB Edge

1-on-1 experience

Build Your Own Blend (BYOB) allows you to create your own unique product by choosing your spectrum, potency, carrier oil, essential oils, and terpenes for a personalized experience. Target a specific effect or recreate your favorite strain –– with more than 13,000,000 possible combinations, you have the power to infuse a completely customized all-natural blend.

The Process

Choose Your Product


A Tincture is a ingestible way to consume your CBD!


A Roll-on is a topical way to apply your CBD!

Coming Soon

Additional BYOB products coming soon!

Choose Your Spectrum

Full Spectrum

Contains up to 0.3% THC, which is what was naturally occurring in the natural hemp plant. This is a very small amount so it won’t create any euphoria.

Broad Spectrum

Contains no THC, because there was an extra step in extraction to completely remove it. This is a good option if you are subject to drug testing.

Choose Your Potency

Tincture Potency’s

Roll-on Potency’s

Choose Your Plant Based Extracts

High Availability

Terps & Essential Oils

With 30+ available terpenes and 30+ essential oils available, your options are endless in creating the best product for you and only you. (limited selection online).

Need help blending? Click Here for our Build Your Own Blend self help article!

Start Blending!
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