Common Questions About CBD

CBD Tincture Bottle with dropper which is a common product that people have questions about

With the CBD industry being established only for a short amount of time relative to other industries, many people have questions. To help clear up some of the confusion, we have put together our top 8 most common questions about CBD (and their answers). From CBD basic science to label terminology, read more to find the answers to questions you may have about your CBD products.

CBD Tincture Bottle with dropper which is a common product that people have questions about

Common Questions About CBD

When it comes to CBD there’s no such thing as a stupid question. When it comes to your health and the things you put in your body, it’s better to get your questions answered than not ask at all. There is a lot of confusion and every product may be slightly different, so when shopping for your CBD products, don’t be shy and ask away.

Our Top 8 Most Common Questions about CBD

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical component found in the Cannabis plant. Unlike THC, which is the primary psychoactive component in Cannabis, CBD does not create any euphoric effects and is federally legal. 

What does CBD do?

CBD does not give a euphoria like THC; instead, it helps to take things away to bring you back to your “normal.”  This means that CBD helps to take away negative moods (stressed, anxious, worried), physical discomforts (aches and soreness), and other imbalance (lack of sleep, energy or focus), to bring you back to your normal, without any intoxicating effects. 

What is a Salve?

A Salve is a topical, meaning it is applied externally, ideally to achy joints and sore muscles. It is a very concentrated cream, so you only need enough to cover the area. It works locally in that specific region to target aches and soreness, with effects beginning in the first 15 minutes to get you feeling better and lasting for 4-6 hours!

What is a Roll On?

A Roll On is a topical oil that is ideally applied to delicate areas like your temples, insides of your wrists, behind your ears and on your neck. The essence of a roll on plays a major role and is created by the plant extracts added to the CBD in the blend. This combination of oils adds to the effect and purpose of the product. 

What is a Tincture?

A Tincture is an ingestible, oil-based product that is administered sublingually, meaning below the tongue. There is a dense supply of blood vessels there, so it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body to provide whole body benefits. The effects begin within 15 minutes to help your body maintain balance. The tincture is great for whole-body benefits, like mood regulation, sleep, energy, focus and more!

What is a Gummy? 

A Gummy is an ingestible product that must be chewed, swallowed and digested before it enters the bloodstream and can begin its effect on the body. It usually takes 30-90 minutes, depending on the person’s metabolism, for the gummy to be digested and circulated throughout the body. A Gummy is a common and convenient method for CBD intake and it can be used in many ways because of its versatility. Someone who is struggling to sleep may take it at night before bed, while someone who is trying to start their day on a strong note might take it in the morning to focus and center themselves for work. 

What is a Full-Spectrum Product?

Full-Spectrum products contain the entire cannabinoid profile that was naturally occurring in the Cannabis plant when it was extracted. This includes trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3%), which is not enough to create any euphoric effects. However, if over-consumed and taken consistently for a long period of time, it can build up in your system and if you are subject to drug testing, you could potentially test positive. For topical products, this doesn’t apply as much because the product doesn’t enter the bloodstream, so full-spectrum topical products are safe to use even if you are subject to drug testing, but the choice is ultimately yours!

What is a Broad-Spectrum Product? 

Broad-Spectrum products contain no THC. There is an extra step in the extraction process where all of the THC is removed, so those who do get drug tested can enjoy their CBD without the fear of testing positive for THC on a drug test. 

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