Custom Blend Tincture: Make Your Own CBD Tincture

Custom Blend Tincture: Make Your Own CBD Tincture

100% Customized to your likings

This means that you can totally customize a CBD product to meet YOUR individual needs. Pharmacogenetics is the study of how drug response varies due to genetic factors. Basically, it studies how we are all genetically different and, therefore, we all handle substances differently. Being able to custom formulate a product to a certain individual is innovative and will be necessary if we want cannabis to be accepted as a reliable source of medicine and treatment.

To begin customizing your product, you first select whether you want an ingestible, which you put IN your body, or a topical, which you put ON your body. If you want an ingestible, you would create a tincture and if you wanted a topical, then you would create a roll-on.

Next you would select the spectrum, whether you want full or broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum products are completely THC-Free, because that molecule has been isolated and extracted out of the distillate. Full-spectrum products can contain up to 0.3% THC, which is the legal limit for hemp. This is a very small amount and it wouldn’t be enough to induce any psychoactive properties. It shouldn’t show up positive on a drug test unless it has been taken in excess and for a long period of time. In that circumstance, it could build up in the body and show up on a drug test. If you have a job that requires drug tests and are worried, then it may be safer to just go broad-spectrum. If you do not have a job that requires drug testing and you are not worried about it, then I always recommend full-spectrum because it is the entire plant profile. All of those compounds work together to produce an effect, including that small amount of THC.

Then, you choose the potency of your product, or in other words, how much CBD you want in your product. For roll-ons, you can select a potency of 300 mg or 500 mg of CBD. For tinctures, you can select a potency as low as 500 mg and as high as 3000 mg. We have options available every 500 mg. The higher the potency, the less of the product you will need per dose to elicit an effect. For example, for every tincture, there are 30 droppers per bottle. In a 500 mg bottle, there is 16 mg of CBD per dropper. In a 2000 mg bottle, there is 66 mg of CBD per dropper. Someone who needs a full dropper of the 500 mg tincture may only need ¼ of a dropper of the 2000 mg tincture. Everyone handles CBD differently, so the dose needed to induce an effect varies from person to person. If you are new to CBD, it is best to start low, at about 5-15 mg per dose, and increase from there. If you take more CBD than you need to elicit an effect, there won’t be any crazy adverse side effects. There is just a point where the effect will plateau and any extra CBD taken that your body doesn’t need is essentially wasted.

Next up when building your own CBD blend is that you get to select your carrier oil base. This is what we infuse the extracted CBD distillate into. The distillate we use is in a very concentrated form, so we need to dilute it in a carrier oil in order to get the CBD evenly distributed into our products. Typically with tinctures and roll-ons, we use MCT oil, which is just a liquid form of coconut oil. If you have allergies to coconut, alternative ingestible carrier oils include sweet almond oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil or aloe vera. We also have jojoba oil or castor oil, which could serve as good replacement oils for a topical roll-on.

After selecting your carrier oil, now it is time for the fun stuff! Now you get to select different essential oils and terpenes to add to your blend. They are both small molecules that contribute to a plant’s essence and have therapeutic properties of their own. Essential oils tend to be very concentrated forms of that plant or aspect of a plant. Terpenes are found in essential oils and other plants, including cannabis. They help to give cannabis strains their unique, danky aromas. Essential oils and terpenes help to add scents or flavors to your custom blend, as well as enhance the therapeutic benefits of the product. Both essential oils and terpenes have potentially medicinal properties, and when combined with CBD, they can create an Entourage Effect. This is when a combination of elements produces an effect greater than any one substance could do on its own. When selecting essential oils for your blend, it is important to identify whether it is safe to ingest or not. There are some that are not recommended to be ingested, and should therefore only be used in topical products, like roll-ons. Some essential oils that are NOT ingestible include frankincense, cedarwood, eucalyptus, vetiver, patchouli, and tea tree. Terpenes are safe to ingest and we use their isolated forms when adding them to custom blends.

And that’s how you build a custom CBD blend! To recap, you get to select:

  1. Type of product (tincture or roll-on)
  2. The Spectrum (Whether it contains any THC or not)
  3. The potency (how much CBD is in your product)
  4. The carrier oil (What we dilute the CBD in)
  5. Essential oils & Terpenes (what we flavor/scent the product with or add to enhance its therapeutic potential)

Stop into one of our retail locations to see your custom blend made right in front of you! We have locations in Westminster, CO and Columbus, OH, or you can check us out and build your blend at

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