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Primo has a total supply of 2.7 billion. 100,000,000 of that supply is on BSC and used for DAO voting. There is currently 9 Governors (with the option to increase this number based on DAO vote). In order to prevent a monopolization of power, Primo DAO splits its operations between the Governor group and the membership (with membership holding voting power via PrimoBSC and Governors having voting power to move DAO proposals to full membership vote). The role of a Governor is designed to serve as a facilitator of ideas (as any DAO member can propose ideas to Governors via Telegram DAO room) and/or provide contexts to membership to vote. Below is info on how you could become a Governor:

  • Must hold 100,000 PrimoBSC
  • Must hold 1 of 420 Primo NFTs
  • Required to attend Monthly Governor’s Meetings (meetings occur live in TG DAO voice chat)

PrimoBSC Contract Address 0xa7deaDE7Bbba2bf0AF1572A25B47E477749ef383

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