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Primo DAO created a 420 GEN 1 collection and NFT Marketplace ( The $TRX from mint out was put into a DAO wallet and locked for PoS mining and DAO support. We hope with time not only will the value of locked funds increase but also the open market for our NFTs and the use of our marketplace. We use mined funds to provide benefits to our DAO members. $BTT, and are just a few of the PoS mines our DAO is currently in.

Primo Gen 1 Contract Address TRaS1N6FA8ZJHPMzy28rnh4twJeJ1f3DzZ

In order to make the collection more unique GEN 2 Baked Bulls were created. The only way to get a Baked Bull is by burning a GEN 1 or buying on the DAO marketplace. The Primo DAO NFT collection will never have more than 420 in total on the market. For example, if we create GEN 3 or GEN 4 you will need to burn a GEN 1, 2 or so on. This strategic plan should create more demand and keep the most popular creations in the 420 collection.

Baked Bulls Contract Address TWXbMw1xPoe9JB4NuUc29GPF1fDKgbh98Y

You can find the Primo DAO NFT Burn Wallet @

If you would like to join the DAO grab one of our NFTs @ and join our Telegram . You currently must sign an NDA before getting access to the DAO. We are a private DAO and this also makes you a VIP in our meta Cannabis Cove – Aftermath Islands . The DAO members also get exclusive drops and invites from . With only 420 in total this collection has the potential for very high floor and to become one the rarest on the Tron blockchain.

190 GEN 1s – 🔥
230 GEN 2s- 🔥

TGLcDr95a6rw4LiXDjRiHjdHYj1MoRrj6J – Primo DAO NFT Burn Wallet

New Primo DAO NFTs circulating supply – 230 GEN 1s – 190 GEN 2s ✅ Get yours @

DAO voted to burn. You can find the vote here –

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