5 Ways to Gift CBD this Holiday Season

cbd holiday gift ideas, a cbd topical salve and some cbd gummies

While CBD may seem like a very new thing, there are a range of brands and options to choose from when selecting a CBD product. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a loved one, the first thing you should consider is what you need the product for. In general, ingestible products are better for those whole body effects, whereas topical products are better for targeting a specific area. Now that being said, every product can produce a unique effect depending on the other ingredients and cannabinoids. When taken at night time, CBD can help with sleep, or if taken during the day it can help promote balance and focus throughout the day. When applied topically CBD can help soothe achy joints and sore muscles, but it can also help soothe skin irritations and acne. Here are some popular CBD gift ideas for a little something different this holiday season: 

1. For those who are relatively new to CBD, or for first-timers, consider trying some CBD Gummies for sleep. Just take one gummy about 30 minutes to an hour before bed, and sleep through the night without those middle-of-the-night distributions. They taste amazing, and they are similar to other multi-vitamin alternatives, so it can be a more familiar way of taking CBD, even if it’s your first time.

2. The winter season just makes achy joints & sore muscles that much more noticeable. Give the gift of relief to your loved one with a concentrated cream, such as a CBD Salve, to target a specific area that’s been weighing you down this holiday season. 

3. Take on the holiday with a twist by bringing CBD drinks to the holiday party. It’s an all-natural way to boost your energy and mood for a cheery winter evening. Or mix in with your drink of choice for a refreshing CBD cocktail. 

4. Light up the holiday season with some CBD Pre-Rolls. While there are endless new options for ways to take your CBD, sometimes nothing hits better than the old and true Pre-Roll. Try a fun assortment of Herbal Blend Pre-Rolls for the perfect stocking stuffer surprise. 

5. Looking for a quick and easy present? Get a ready-to-go gift box to promote balance and relaxation through the winter months. Just find one that fits your gifting needs, and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

There are so many ways to use CBD, and by choosing the right product, you can open a door to an all-natural alternative for some of your everyday struggles. Give the gift of CBD products this holiday season, perfect in-time for those New Years resolutions.

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